I've had a very active childhood growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Playing organized sports since the age of 6; baseball, football, track, you name it. In fact, I competed in 5 different sports in high school alone. My experience in athletics segued perfectly into the fitness industry since I already had a great understanding of the body and how to become better, faster, stronger, and sexier!  

Surprisingly enough, I also had a huge passion for the arts. Drawing, photography, acting, anything expressive and creative really. The biggest passion of mine has always been music. It was something that always just came natural.  Throughout my life I have picked up and learned how to play several instruments, (piano, drums, guitar, etc.) all of which served useful when I decided to move to Chicago and study music at Columbia College. My focus was production, but after forming a band I also found a passion in performing live, song-writing, and even scoring. Music has been and always will be a big part of my life. Unfortunately, it does not pay the bills. Lucky enough for me, I have multiple passions, and the booming fitness industry is a sure-fire way for me to keep the amps on.

While attending school in Chicago, I began working at upscale gym on campus. I started out as floor supervisor in hopes to get my foot in the door. While working at the gym I began studying for my personal training exam, and after passing, I quickly switched departments and starting building my clientele.  After working for that company for 6 years, and becoming a master trainer, I reached a point where I was comfortable and able to start my own training business. I continued on training independently for 2 years in Chicago, until I finally made the long-awaited move to California.

I moved to Los Angeles in June and was hired by Equinox in July. So far my time with the company has been picture perfect. My clients are incredible, co-workers like family, and the facility is immaculate. It’s been less than a year and I have already been promoted twice; currently ranked as a Tier 3 Trainer. Beyond that, I recently received exciting news that at the end of May 2015, I'll be a part of the Nike family and working with them as a trainer!

Fitness Comes First! It's as simple as that. There is absolutely no excuse for not putting your physical and mental health as priority in your life. Sure, life gets hectic, time escapes us, and we oftentimes feel overwhelmed with the countless tasks we must accomplish in a day. But in the grand scheme of things, most of which will become completely irrelevant if you are not happy or healthy.  Sure the aesthetic reasons for working out are clear, but in addition to looking good and feeling confident, working out also decreases stress, gives you energy, boosts creativity, invigorates your sex life, increases your lifespan, and helps you sleep better!  And that isn't even the half of it!

No matter who you are, no matter what condition you are in, or what your goals may be... a healthy balance of weight-training, cardiovascular exercise, and a nutritious diet, are essential to shaping a better life!

Motivation & Confidence
If you're anything like the majority of Americans, you can sometimes have trouble motivating yourself to go to the gym. Hiring a personal trainer means that another person is already committed to your goals for you -- which can be a significant motivator for staying on track with your exercise routine. Having a personal trainer with you during different exercises also means that you can have a "spotter" for weight-training workouts such as bench pressing, allowing you to put all of your energy into the workout.

Goals & Progression
On your first day of training, we will sit down and communicate your personal fitness goals. We can then use that knowledge to chart a series of aerobic and strength-training exercises designed to help you reach your potential. This relationship provides a luxury to you as the exerciser, since it removes all of the responsibility of having to decide on your own fitness routine and workout circuit. All you have to do is show up and work hard!

Injury Prevention
Having a trained pair of eyes on you as you exercise is essential to reducing the chance of injury or strain during workouts. Incorrect weight-training technique can lead to a variety of sprains, fractures and other painful injuries that can build unhealthy habits and generally hamper your fitness efforts. Having a personal trainer also ensures that you have the proper instruction for each exercise that you do, and provides a knowledgeable guide who can walk you through each individual workout.

Bottom Line
If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!  Working out is exactly that... Work! It's not easy but it's worth every drop of sweat.  It takes a huge commitment to yourself to really develop these healthy habits.  
This is where I come in.  It is my job to motivate you, to keep you showing up, and to keep you pushing your limits.  Just because it's hard,
doesn't mean it can't be fun!