I have trained with Nick since August of 2013. He was recommended to me by another trainer when I wanted to increase my number of training days. Nick contacted me prior to our first session to introduce himself and to understand my goals. I had two main goals – lose 10 pounds and focus on strength training with heavier weights. I am happy to say I lost 11 pounds, and I have improved strength, definition, and endurance. I could not have achieved my goals without Nick’s knowledge, direction, and motivation to push myself to the next level. Beyond his outstanding technical expertise, Nick is both personable and professional. He is patient and easily adapts to the changing needs of his client. I have benefited from Nick’s tailored coaching and expertise, as well as his positive outlook. Without hesitation, I would recommend Nick to those at all fitness levels. Any who train with him will be much better for the experience.
— Liz Burke
Want to know what I say to my friends after every session with Nick? It’s almost always the same: “I Swear! Every workout gets better and better!” I’ve trained with two other people in the past, and there’s no comparing Nick to either of them (It just wouldn’t be fair!) Nick constantly challenges me and pushes me harder than I ever thought possible. When my muscles ache at the end of a session, I know I’m getting results! Nick goes above and beyond! He knows how much I detest boring workouts that I could easily do on my own, so he brings in new activities and exercises at each session. He even offers support and advice on non-training days. I’m glad to have him as a personal trainer and absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a great workout!
— Aubrey Monks
Training with Nick is always challenging and that’s what I look for in my personal training sessions. I take exercises that Nick has taught me and now incorporate those into the workouts I do on my own. But nothing beats working out with Nick for a super tough, fun workout. I lost 25 pounds last year and Nick’s my secret weapon to get those stubborn last ten pounds off!
— Cami Davis
I have been working with Nick for a few years now and he is the best at what he does. Before I started training with Nick I wasn’t a huge fan of working out but he really taught me a lot and changed my perspective on the gym. He keeps our sessions exciting with different exercises to do each time. I can tell he has really put thought into my personal needs with the different exercises he teaches me... I know I’m getting an individualized experience and I always look forward to training with him! I value his expert training knowledge and I would recommend him to anyone regardless of their personal fitness experience.
— Isabelle Punzal
What I like most about Nick is his charming personality that keeps bootcamp enjoyable even while he’s kicking our butts beyond what we might have thought possible to do! Bootcamp is a great way to become more toned and fit. Nick makes it fun by being creative and dreaming-up new exercises to keep the workouts fresh and challenging. He has a new set of exercises for each session of bootcamp. You never get bored and he never lets your slack off. While the workouts are intense, Nick provides a positive atmosphere that encourages everyone at whatever level of fitness to try their best. I am always surprised at how hard he has made me work during class (and that I could do it!) and always appreciative that he was there to push me to accomplish more during the workout. He’s exactly what you want in a trainer —someone who will make you challenge yourself to try harder.
— Jann Ingmire
I started working with Nick a few months ago after a decade long hiatus from the gym. While I was not in hideous condition there was significant room for improvement. It was clear that I would need a structured approach to make the needed improvements. Nick has enthusiastically provided that structure for me. He has taken charge of improving my physical condition, outlining a workout program and suggesting dietary changes. He pushes me in keeping my ability and desire to improve. The first few weeks were unpleasant to say the least. But, now after just a few months, I am really pleased with the results. I further appreciate that he makes an effort to educate me on the different techniques of exercises so that I can improve the effectiveness of independent training as well. I feel fortunate to have met Nick, he is a terrific trainer!
— Marty Brown
It has been wonderful to train with Nick for the past 3.5 years! Nick actively listened to my fitness goals, and made workout plans to help me achieve them. He is extremely supportive, but also challenges me to work a little harder and push myself every time we train. Nick is personable and genuinely cares about his clients, which makes for a wonderful training environment.
— Maureen Beederman
I have had the opportunity to work with Nick on and off for the last 4 years. In fact, I sought Nick back out 2 years ago when I was looking for a new trainer and travel to his location. Nick tries to know what is important to his clients (for example, I am a runner who was training for 2 marathons and Nick knew to balance my lower body/leg work with my running schedule). He does a great job of challenging growth and improvement from his clients along with giving positive reinforcement. Nick’s a great trainer and I would give him the highest recommendations based on the time I have worked with him.
— Mike Bauschelt
Nicholas Lacy is my trainer. He’s awesome at what he does...pushes you without being militant, and knows how to customize what he does to your needs. I’ve been training with him for about 6 weeks now and I can already tell a difference. I cannot recommend him more highly. Not only is he an excellent trainer, knowledgable and smart, he’s also a really nice guy.
— Tim Durkovic
I have been training with Nick Lacy for 2 months and going and I highly recommend him. I have always been athletic but after ACL replacement and a spinal fusion my body has been slowly losing its range of motion. Working out with Nick has been life changing. It’s been hard work but now I feel young again.
— Danny Hamm